LOMA Innovation develops a patented technology of deformable plastic materials that can be inserted inside everyday objects to make them customizable in a morphological, reversible and almost instant way.

Below, a universal prototype of the Neaflex technology :



The technology used for LOMA Innovation materials has been developed to enable the end user to change the shape of an object to their hearts content in a simple, fast and intuitive way: you just need to press a button !


Easy to implement

In order to better accompany your product development, LOMA Innovation gears its R&D according to the specific needs of your business sector. Our agility allows us to implement our technology in any specification.



Contrary to the standardization of products, the technology presented by LOMA Innovation gives the opportunity of designing disruptive objects in your scope of application. On top of the usual mechanic properties, our technology offers the ability to model objects according to the end user’s desires/morphology.





Paris Sciences et Lettres

The university PSL helps in the development of LOMA Innovation technologies.