Innovative thermoforming solutions

LOMA Innovation is a french startup that started in Paris city in the heart of the greatest scientific institutions. LOMA Innovation develops a unique electroformable composite technology.
Our patented technology of electroforming composite brings the best thermoforming customer experience for a lot of different everyday life's products, making them customizable reversibly and almost instantaneously.



Neaflex technology

Neaflex is a is cutting-edge technology of electroformable composite. 


It brings userfriendly thermoforming with an electrical power supply. When voltage is applied Neaflex material goes malleable. Then when voltage is removed it will harden again.

This electroforming process is reproducible indefinitely.


The technology used for LOMA Innovation materials has been developed to enable the end user to change the shape of an object to their hearts content in a simple, fast and intuitive way:  you just need to press a button !

Innovative heating

LOMA brings innovation for thermoforming products with electroforming polymers and micro-wave deformable polymers.

Easy to implement

In order to better accompany your product development, LOMA Innovation gears its R&D according to the specific needs of your business sector. Our agility allows us to implement our technology in any specification.


As Neaflex technology uses thermoplastics composite it can be easily implemented in a lot of everyday's life commercial applications. Today LOMA Innovation focuses on the following applications :